About the Sutton Hall



The Sutton Hall consists of 2 halls, which can be hired separately or together.
The hall has the following:
Fitted Kitchen
The hall has a modern, clean and light kitchen and is available when you book the Large Hall.
Free Parking
The hall has a large gravel car park which is available to all bookers
Wheelchair Access

The hall has wheelchair access for disabled customers

Tables & Chairs

The Hall has a supply of tables and chairs that can be used by hirers

Outside Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides added security

Garden & Space for outside BBQ

The enclosed garden (25m x 10m) is included in the hire of the large hall

In addition to the above, we also have WiFi, lighting which can be dimmed, wall heaters that can be used if needed, a defibrillator and modern toilets

The Main Hall

Dimensions: 14.7m x 8.8m
This hall includes a raised stage area with curtains and lighting, (5.9m x 3.25m). Natural light fills the hall from both the east and west facing windows. Maximum capacity is 120 when using both halls or 100 when seated for dining.
This hall comes with the use of the kitchen.


The Small Hall

Dimensions 4.42m x 6.4m
This hall is ideal to use as a meeting room. There is a bar area, a separate entrance and polished non slip wooden strip floor.
Heating is provided by electric ceiling mounted radiant heaters.
It comfortably seats 12 people.


The Kitchen

The hall has a modern, clean and light kitchen and is available when you book the Large Hall. Its facilities include :

  • Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Hot water urn
  • Fridge
  • Kettles
  • Commercial dishwasher with 5minute wash cycle

The kitchen has non slip flooring and a large serving hatch.


In addition to the facilities listed above, we also have a defibrillator at the Hall,

Here are some resources below that you may like to view. Please be aware under Covid-19 the recommendations have changed to hands-only CPR.

Check Availability
Check Availability
The hall is reopening and we are taking bookings. Please click HERE to make an enquiry.

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