Apply for a Bar License

The Sutton Hall is not licensed for the sale of alcohol, it is licensed for the serving of alcohol.

To SELL alcohol you require written consent from the Sutton Hall Management Committee and a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). Complete the form below and once consent has been given, apply to the West Berkshire Council Licensing Department for the Temporary Event License.

I hereby apply to the Sutton Hall Management Committee for consent to give to the Licensing Authority a Temporary Event Notice to hold the following licensable activities at the hall on the following date(s), during the following hours and in the following location(s):

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    Date of event *:

    start time : Please allow time for setting-up :

    end time : Please allow time for clearing away :

    Hall required : Small HallLarge HallOutside the Hall

    Details of event :

    I hereby undertake to comply with the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 (and any regulations there under) as they relate to a Premises User holding a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) and to indemnify the management committee for any obligations there under. I undertake, in particular, to notify the Police Authority within the required time and not to allow the sale of alcohol to those aged under 18 or to those who are drunk and disorderly.
    I have read and agree to be bound by The Sutton Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire. (Please tick)

    Please prove you are a realperson. Re-type the 4 letter code below in the box provided. The code is case sensitive.


    Sutton Hall Notice of Annual General Meeting

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Sutton Hall will be held at the hall on October 26th at 8.00pm in the Small Hall

    Please join the committee for complimentary cheese & wine from 7.30pm

    All welcome, we promise no one will be press ganged onto the committee!
    (But anyone wishing to join will be most welcome)

    Please come and hear about your hall and have your say!

    M C Nevitt