Information for Hirers

Opening and Closing the Sutton Hall
The Sutton Hall will be opened for your hiring by the Caretaker and will be closed for you at the time you have indicated. Please ensure that any outside caterers, contractors and bar staff are aware of the hire period and that they will not be able to enter before or leave after the hire period.
Guests are expected to vacate the premises within 15 minutes of the end of a licensed period. After midnight, only those helping to clear up the Sutton Hall should be on the premises. Failure to comply with this will result in forfeiture of your deposit.
In case of difficulty, please in the first instance contact the Caretaker (mobile number 07799 875734) who lives behind the hall. If she is not available, then a list of alternative contact numbers is on the noticeboard in the main hall.

Hall Telephone
The Sutton Hall has no telephone and there is no public telephone in the village, so you are advised to bring a fully charged mobile telephone for use in case of emergency.

The Sutton Hall has a no smoking policy.
Please use the trolleys provided for moving chairs and tables in order to avoid injury. Please do not stack the chairs more than 5 high.
The Sutton Hall’s Health & Safety file is kept by the caretaker and can be seen on request.
A first aid box and accident report forms are located in a kitchen drawer appropriately marked. For any accidents or near accidents you must complete a form and hand it to the caretaker, or phone the emergency numbers on the Hall noticeboard.

Fire Evacuation Procedure
As the Hirer of the Sutton Hall and as the person responsible, YOU (the Hirer) should:
Before and at the start of your Event:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Fire Procedure on the hall noticeboard and the attached plan on page 3 of this Information Sheet, showing locations for fire exit doors, fire extinguishers and alarm press-glass points
  • Check exit routes remain unblocked, for example by tables or chairs. All access to exits must remain clear throughout your event
  • Check the fire extinguishers are clearly visible
  • Ensure this information is made available to your guests, including disabled people and/or their helpers
  • Check that no doubtful electrical equipment or extension leads have been brought into the hall
  • Check that no decorations have been erected so that they could fall down and obstruct a fire exit, or are placed too near overhead ceiling electrical heaters
  • Watch that nothing likely to cause a fire is taking place and be vigilant of any smells of burning or gradual build-up of smoke

In the event of a fire, in this order:

  • Immediately raise the alarm by shouting “FIRE” and operating one of the nearest press-glass alarm points shown on the plan. These require minimal force
  • Supervise the full evacuation of the halls in a safe and orderly manner using the appropriate exits
  • Contact the Fire Brigade by dialling 999. The address of the hall is: Sutton Hall, Church Road, Stockcross, RG20 8LN
  • Ensure your guests are directed to the designated fire assembly point on the green at the junction of the main B4000 and Church Road shown on the plan and by following the evacuation signage
  • In case required, on leaving the building the Hirer should attempt to ensure that the defibrillator is removed from its box in the porch of the main entrance, taken to the assembly point and left in the charge of a responsible person
  • Ensure there is a clear access for the emergency services
  • Do not re-enter the building until you have been told by the Fire Brigade that it is safe to do so.

Power Circuits/Heating
The ceiling electrical heaters for both Halls are switched on/off as required. The controls are located on the wall behind the serving bar in the small hall. There are some storage heaters for the kitchen and toilet areas. Please do not adjust these as this will result in the Sutton Hall being too cold or hot for subsequent users.

Car Parking
Church Road leading to the Sutton Hall is a public road and this must not be obstructed. The Sutton Hall car park will accommodate a good number of cars if they are parked sensibly. Disabled parking bays are at the front of the Hall.

Recycling Bins
Situated next to the Grundon waste bin, we are now providing 2 recycling bins, one for glass and the other for paper and plastics. We would appreciate you sorting your waste accordingly.

Consideration for Others
Please ask your guests to leave quietly at the close of your event. Car doors banging and loud talk in the car park are disturbing to local residents.
Please do not use drawing pins, sellotape or blue tack on the walls or other surfaces. If, however, you need to put up notices or decorations, please contact our caretaker well in advance to find out what is permissible. In any event, do not fix decorations near light fittings or heaters.
Please leave the Sutton hall clean and tidy and leave waste in the bins outside or take it home. In particular, we ask you to ensure table tops are wiped clean and sanitised before being stacked away. .

Please report any faults or damage to the caretaker as soon as possible so that they can be rectified quickly. The Management Committee welcome comments or observations that you may have about your hire of the Sutton Hall.
Plan of location and use of Fire equipment for Hirers is on page 4 of the pdf file – link above.